There is salt water
pumping through your veins
and your eyes are the deepest parts
of the ocean
and last summer I went for a swim
but the current took me out too far
and I ended up twenty feet under gasping for air
this summer the ocean is calling me drunk at 3 am and I can’t give in
I can’t let myself sink to the bottom
and drown in you all over again

-you broke my heart and now you want another chance - e-xhilrate (via perfect)

(via perfect)

If you were a city, you would be the brightest at night and the most peaceful in the morning.

-Devin Bridgeman - meetmeonmarz (via perfect)

(via perfect)


flowers in the attic (2014)

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Most people trusted in the future, assuming that their preferred version of it would unfold. Blindly planning for it, envisioning things that weren’t the case. This was the working of the will. This was what gave the world purpose and direction. Not what was there but what was not.

-Jhumpa Lahiri, The Lowland (via avvfvl)

(Source: erincrews, via avvfvl)